I’ve been out of town a couple of days and been busy earlier this week, so I wasn’t able to write poems for NaPoWriMo. However, I’m gonna publish poems here for the days I was out and I’m gonna date it April 20-24 so that it will look like I have a poem everyday (today si April 25).


So here’s for April 20’s prompt: Use at least five words from the set found in Day 20 Prompt. I’m gonna “bold” the words that I used.


I used to think I have the eyes

as big as that of an owl

Eyes not to see the surrounding

but eyes to see the mercurial.

As if they don’t change.

As if they are constant.

And they’re not elusive.

And they’re easy to catch.

Miraculous, I thought it was.

But I felt bilious afterwards.

Not twice, but thrice.

As if my ego is crushed.

And my faith died.

Now I wonder, was it real?

Or just a fairy tale?

I want to believe it’s real.

But the salt lost its saltiness.

Whisper to me again.

Please tell me it’s real.

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