When Are You Gonna Learn? 

Mistakes, mistakes, mistakes everywhere. You keep on doing the same one too.

They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. 

So when are you gonna learn? 

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Testing the water with my foot.

One careful step and the water stays still.

One quick step and ripples start forming.

Ripples disrupt calmness.

Disrupted calmness show uncertainty.

Now would you prefer the still and calm or would you like to find out the ecstacy in uncertainty?

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Bread Crumbs

Am I to pick up bread crumbs from somebody’s leftovers again?
Am I to clean up somebody else’s mess?

Beauty is fragile. Broken.
Yet my hands are all wounded ready to pick each shattered piece.

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On my mind

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I Feel Like a Social Experiment

I feel like a social experiment. 

Like somebody watches my decisions and my moves.

Like somebody feeds me words and actions or starves me of them to see how I would react or what I would do.

Maybe I am paranoid. Maybe I’m special. Maybe “somebody” is special.

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