And when you’re deep in the ground,

Plants will grow on your grave.

Same way as your love made my poor heart bound,

With the love thorns that it braved.

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Day 2: Broken Branch

And when all is said and done.

You made a final call.

For me to break a branch of yours,

The sturdiest one of all.

“Keep it,” you said.

“And remember me always.”

“For one day or another,

We will part ways.”

Unwillingly, I did what you said.

And took a branch off your mighty chest.

And I realized you were in your final breath,

And then you finally laid to rest.

Slowly I turned away.

From the remnant of what you used to be.

A great and mighty tree.

That used to dance with the wind and me.

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Day 1: Rustling Leaves

The smell of flowers

Blossoming under the sun.

Bees buzzing around

Enjoying and having fun

Spring has come.

And yet, my dear lonely tree

With your branches all wide and heavy

And yet slowly, you seem like dying

Your leaves are falling and drying.

What happened to your Spring?

Here I am trying.

To your branches, your leaves I’m tying.

And to myself, I am lying.

That you, I am saving.

Spring, a new birth.

And then you spoke to me,

And you told me you’re setting me free.

All your leaves left drying.

When the wind plays, they are rustling.

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What’s a little rage

When you know it can change

A system of pain

Or someone’s great bane.

What’s a little anger

When we only want an answer

To the world’s great slander

The slander of the real good people.

What’s the point of living

If you don’t wanna see change?

When everyone’s deranged,

Would you rather be insane?

I may be optimistic

And a little too egotistic

And it makes me almost crazy

And maybe see things hazy.

But if I can make a change,

Why wouldn’t I?

And if my “bad” emotions enable me,

Why wouldn’t I?

They may be bad, but they are precious.

I’ll keep them dear in my heart.

I’ll be unpretentious.

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Freshly brewed coffee smell

To bid your morning well.

Not that I’m making the day special,

Only for a lover, I shall.


See I’m no baker

But I’m making your food for later

I was thinking, “when her alarm wakes her,

It’d be good if these greet her.”


Oh how love can make a man

Do things he never planned.

Maybe because you bring the dawn with you,

But what if you never intended to?


How the dawn quickly turned to dusk

When you walked down the stairs a husk.

What happened to your insides?

You were gutted out, no more of love resides.


And how you said you never cared for me

As you scoffed at me

And laughed at all the things I prepared

And how you’re satisfied that I despaired.


My freshly brewed coffee went to waste

And my baked bread you didn’t taste.

Oh I wish I so knew

You’d rather drink instant coffee… Eew.

Oh I wish I so knew

So I never had to waste my time with you.

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